Final Results

Published Friday 31st, March 2006.

Article Category: Reports

The results for Ragusa Capital Plc (the Article Content The Company incurred a profit for the year, after taxation, of £168,692 after receiving investment income of £402,496 and having paid administrative expenses of £233,804. The basic and diluted earnings per share was 0.7 pence. The Company had cash balances of £4,533,522 at the year end. The profit for the period includes a loss of £70,808 on the sale of 243,000 shares in Aurum Mining Plc as a result of the Company being deemed by The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers to be acting in concert with certain other shareholders in Aurum Mining Plc. These other members of the concert party have agreed, in due course, to transfer sufficient of their shares in Aurum Mining Plc to reinstate the position. The profit for the period also includes costs of approximately £17,000 associated with an abortive acquisition.
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